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Here is what you should find:

There should be more than 800 different stamps here, somewhere in the range of 825-835 stamps were put in
you will notice from the pictures that the majority of stamps are older but there are stamps right up to 2014 here

Any duplicates are a result of human error and likely were not counted in the total

Notes about face same stamps that might be confused as duplicates:
-if an issue comes normal and booklet, often both will be present
-stamps may have different perforations
-coils and regular stamps may be here
-tagged and untagged stamps may be here

Note that some stamps, although used, still have gum on the back. These are likely from bulk payments, where a collector savy person got the PO to use/cancel nice stamps to pay the bill!

As with any packet this size, please expect some mixed condition

Please note that the stamps you see in the pictures ARE what you will receive. These are pictures of the actual stamps contained in this lot!