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Here is what I know:

This lot has over 500 different MNH (supposed to be 509) stamps and 19 different MNH souvenir sheets

Note that many of these are in pairs, which counts as 2 in the count, but there is only one Scotts catalogue number for the pair.

Virtually all are in complete sets.

A topical paradise, topics abound like:
-Royalty (like Queen mum, QEII etc)
-Sports (like cricket, tennis etc)
-Wildlife (like birds, butterflies)
-Famous people (like Elvis, or Michael Jackson)

The face value is monstrous, you will see lots of $2.50, $5 etc face value stamps here!!!

Note that the folks that made these packages up were not as careful as they should be, so a small number of stamps were damaged while separating them from the sheets to make the packages. Normally it is only a stamp or two affected, that's why some extra are put in.

Please note that the stamps you see in the pictures ARE what you will receive. These are pictures of the stamps that are included in a sample packet of this lot! All of the lots have the exact same stamps in them!