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10 Pounds of nice clean problem free coins! Many countries, Aruba, Bahamas,

Iceland, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Tonga,

Swaziland, Polynesia French, and many more. I would say the dates are from 1870

-2015. Not sure dont feel like looking through them I have 100 pounds and no

more patience to search through that stuff. My laziness is your gain. Who knows

what untold treasure you may find in there. Gold coins, Silver coins, Old copper

coins, rare coins, error coins, low mintage coins, the possibilities are

endless. Plus not too mention that if your kids are into coin collection this

would be great bonding time! If your a teacher you could buy them and use them

as learning tools for your class! I will pay the shipping and insurance and will

only ship within united states. Also these world coins are of mixed denominations! From German marks

to 5 francs or 50 francs from France much more